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Our courses are structured to guide you from complete beginner to B2 level proficiency in TEF/TCF- required for Express Entry. Below is an overview of each level, including the goals and objectives you will achieve upon completion.

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Our Unique Teaching Method

Almost all our students are international students with little to no prior knowledge of French. We understand the unique challenges you face in learning a new language while preparing for the TEF/TCF exams. Our teaching method is designed to support you every step of the way, ensuring you build a solid foundation in the French language.

We follow a step-by-step approach to help you succeed

Language Foundation

Comprehensive coverage of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation with native French tutors to build your confidence and to ensure natural and fluent speaking skills.

4-6 months to complete B2 level grammar.

Exam Preparation

After solidifying your B1-B2 foundation, we start practice tests, mock tests, and exam-specific strategies.

1-3 months

Additional Support

When you reach the exam prep stage, we offer you a free “PrepMyFuture” membership. PrepMyFuture provides official TEF/TCF practice materials and mock tests, giving you the tools you need to succeed. This resource is a valuable part of our commitment to helping you achieve your goals.

Comprehensive Learning
Regular homework

After each lesson, you’ll receive assignments designed to reinforce the concepts covered in class.

Assessments tests

We conduct assessment tests after each level (A1, A2, B1, B2) before advancing you to the next level. These assessments include listening, speaking, reading, and writing components to ensure comprehensive preparation.


You’ll receive detailed feedback on your homework and assessments, highlighting areas of strength and those needing improvement. This personalized feedback is essential for guiding your study efforts and ensuring continuous progress.


Tailored based on each student’s individual progress and goals to meet their unique learning needs and pace.

Practice sessions

Fot each skill- Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking. Our native French tutors ensure you develop a natural and fluent speaking style.

Additional Resources


PrepMyFuture Membership

Free for exam prep students, this platform offers official TEF/TCF practice materials and mock tests. It provides accurate practice tests, detailed performance analysis, and personalized feedback to help you prepare effectively.



 Improve your French by watching movies and TV shows with interactive subtitles and vocabulary lists. This platform enhances your listening and comprehension skills in a fun and engaging way.


Books and Course Materials

Carefully selected to complement our curriculum, these resources include grammar guides, vocabulary workbooks, and practice exercises to reinforce your learning.